Eternal Bouquet Paintings

Would you like a meaningful and lasting memory of your wedding day? Or perhaps a unique wedding or anniversary gift to express your love to someone special?

I specialise in painting flowers and can create a unique “Eternal Bouquet Painting” to commemorate your wedding day. Flowers are very fleeting - they are here today and gone tomorrow, capture the memory before it fades away.

There are other methods to preserve a bridal bouquet, but nothing evokes emotion like a painting.  It is a colourful and vibrant representation of your bouquet in its ideal state. This custom painting or drawing inspired by your bouquet will be a cherished keepsake of your wedding day forever.

1. Contact me via email and send some photos of your bouquet, these need to be good quality and a close up overhead shot.
2. Choose the style of drawing or painting and size required.
3. Your drawing or painting will be created and I will send a photo of completed work.

Typically allow 3-4 weeks for drawings and 4-6 weeks for oil paintings.

**Please note you are not purchasing the exact picture these are sample images, your are commission a painting/drawing from your own photo**

Gift certificates are available for a unique and special engagement, bridal shower, wedding or anniversary gift. These can be for the full amount for a picture or for an amount of your choice towards a picture.

I would be honoured to create a beautiful, meaningful and lasting work of art for you or as a gift for someone you love!

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